Barred brokerage executive has second alias

Kyle Rowe, a former brokerage executive barred from the industry in 2006, changed his name to Marvin K. Rowe II earlier this year – he says to honor his father.
But a third named used by Rowe, one that bears no resemblance to his father’s, has surfaced in a lawsuit filed in San Diego last summer by one of Rowe’s clients. 

The court file includes an affidavit filed in June 2008 by Parabolic LLC, one of Rowe’s stock-promotion companies. It was signed by a “Kyle Rower” — with an extra “r” at the end. The signature appears to match the one on a Securities and Exchange Commission form filed a few years earlier by Kyle Rowe – without the extra “r.” 
Sharesleuth also compared those signatures with one on an SEC filing by Parabolic, covering the sale of $750,000 of stock in a client company called Cal-Bay International Inc. It seemed to be a match, too. (see the documents below)
The affidavit was filed to support Parabolic in a dispute with Pangenex Corp., a Florida-based company. Pangenex had sued Parabolic, accusing the company in court documents of failing to perform any promotion services after taking $125,000 worth of common stock as payment, and of driving down Pangenex’s stock price by dumping that stock on the market. Parabolic denied wrongdoing and the case appeared to have been settled later that year.
Rowe was the subject of a previous Sharesleuth report in April. We discovered that he had legally changed his name, effectively obscuring his past run-ins with regulators.
His new firm, Going Public LLC, helps companies gain listings on stock exchanges in the United States and Germany. 
At the time, Irving Einhorn, an attorney representing Going Public, would not allow Rowe to be interviewed.
Rowe, however, started a Web site and posted an explanation in response
“I legally changed my first name to Marvin, the name of my 71-year-old father, who I love and respect more than any other man in the world,” Rowe says on the site. “I am very proud to carry his name. Period. Nothing more needs to be said about that.”
In that post, he made no mention of using last name “Rower.” 
When we asked him about it, he said: “Why don’t you write your questions or comments on my Blog in the comments section if you’d like and I’ll publish them and answer you right there if you get such a kick out of this.” 
Rowe then published the question in his blog’s comment section and posted an answer that indicated he thought using the name “Rower” could help him avoid attention from reporters. Both comments were later deleted.

Kyle Rower Affidavit

Kyle Rowe’s Signatures
Rowe’s signature that was used to compare with the one on the affidavit above, signed by Kyle “Rower”

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