Sons of Christian talk show founder named in Canadian securities suit

The two, Ronald and Reynold Mainse, aren’t accused of fraud, but the government of Ontario says they broke trading rules by failing to register before promoting two investment schemes to dozens of their friends and receiving over $250,000 (U.S) in commissions. The investments turned out to be little more than ponzi schemes masterminded by an American man named Gordon Driver. Driver settled charges with the SEC last year over the same scheme. The Mainse’s father, David Mainse, founded 100 Huntley Street, a Christian talk show akin to the 700 Club in the United States, in 1977. Crossroads Christian Communications Inc., the charity that runs the Toronto-based show, said the brothers were themselves victims of the scheme and were probably targeted by Driver because of their ability to reach trusting, Christian investors, according to the Globe and Mail. Crossroads said no donations from the public were ever invested.

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