Big Rockwell Medical shareholder lets large block of warrants expire

One of Rockwell Medical Inc.’s (Nasdaq: RMTI) biggest long-term shareholders let warrants to buy more than 860,000 shares expire rather than pay $7.18 a share to exercise them.

David A. Hagelstein said in a Securities and Exchange Commission filing that a trust he controls did not exercise the warrants by their July 31 expiration date. Rockwell’s stock closed that day at $5.05.

Hagelstein had paid $1.9 million to acquire the warrants from their original holders.

Hagelstein disclosed in the same filing that he had purchased an additional 164,241 Rockwell shares on the open market, at prices ranging from $3.48 to $5.33. He said he owned 1.99 million Rockwell shares, through two trusts. That amounted to just under 5 percent of the company.

Rockwell’s stock closed Tuesday at $5.68, off 33 cents. Had Hagelstein exercised the warrants, the company would have received more than $6 million in additional capital.

Rockwell said in its proxy filing in April that Hagelstein controlled 2.67 million shares, including the warrants. That equaled a 12 percent stake, making him its third-largest shareholder after Chief Executive Robert L. Chioini and Richmond Brothers Inc.

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